So I moved to Mississippi

I just started a job at the Natchez Democrat. Here are some photos from my first week. Nough said.


Prom season

I know that it may not surprise anyone, but I never attended prom. Back in the day, I called it an act of rebellion and I thought down on all those that spent so much time and effort on one night of their lives. Of course, that was just an excuse not to go out of my comfort zone, but that’s beside the point. This was my first prom and it opened my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, grinding looks as dumb as ever, but I had a good time.



Walking the dog, Jackson style

Gary Lester walks his dog, Meisha, from inside his car at Ella Sharp Park. “She needs the exercise more than I do,” he said.


The past several days

I believe it was Capa that said, “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” That is something I need to work on. In my mind, this is done through getting to know your subjects as well as possible, while also letting them get to know you. In the meantime, here are some recent photos.

SAM_1242SAM_2129County Tower Peregrine FalconsSAM_2257SAM_1680SAM_1993SAM_1833Pen PalsSAM_0774SAM_0833SAM_1022SAM_2562SAM_1513SAM_2250SAM_1525SAM_0886SAM_0982SAM_0729Pen PalsSAM_1535SAM_0795SAM_1755Pen PalsSAM_2690SAM_1399